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Govt Orders

Order    DateGovt Order
24-12-2022VHSE 5 Days Working Order
22-02-2023Jeevan Raksha Padhathi-GPAI
24-12-2022VHSE 5 Days Working Order
22-12-2022Higher Secondary Course Cancellation-Modified Order
23-11-2022B.Tech/BCA Eligible for UP Post
23-11-2022Aided School Appointment PH-Guidlines
28-10-2022Aided School Appointment PH-Clarification Order
18-10-2022School Tour Revisded Order
11-10-2022NPS-Supernumerary Post Benifits Order
11-10-2022Govt Employee ID Card-Lanyard Order
04-10-2022Economically weaker section-revised Order
30-09-2022Online Leave module in Spark
21-09-2022HST Social Science Eligibility revised
19-09-2022Aided school disability posting clarification
19-09-2022Salary pay slip printing order
05-09-2022Voluntary retirement scheme Guide line and Application form
03-08-2022LWA-Maxm 5 years-for aboard Job
15-07-2022Reservation in Govt Service promotion-person with disabilities
13-07-2022HSST Aided Selection Board Govt Nominee List
07-07-2022HST Physical Science-Polimer Chemistry -Approved
04-07-2022Disciplinary action against retired Employee
30-06-2022Name change in SSLC Book-Exam Commissioner
30-06-2022Child line Commission Order Regarding +1 Bonus Point
25-06-2022Guest Teachers Posting
25-06-2022Aided PH Appointment
14-06-2022Aided Higher Secondary School Clerk Librarian Posting
26-05-2022Students contacts contact details sharing-restricted
16-03-2022Covid Special Casual Leave
02-11-2021School Fitnesss certificate-Roof-Regarding
29-10-2021HSST Jr- HSST Sr Promotion-Grade Promotion-Clarification
22-10-2021Govt school -Daily wages-2021-22
22-10-2021Aided school -Daily wages-2021-22
13-10-2021Revised Guidelines for Govt Services and certificates(Nativity Certificate,Residence Certificate, Minority Certificate,Life Certificate, One and the same certificate, Relationship Certificate, Family Membership Certificate, Identification Certificate, Caste Certificate, Inter caste Certificate, Location Map/Certificate, Attestation)
06-10-2021Formation of PTA for the year 2021-22
05-10-2021Aided Higher Secondary Selection Committee Govt Nominee List of pannel(Updated Pannel)
04-10-2021Special Casual leave-Daily wages appointment in VHSE,HSS
30-09-2021Aided school appointment age relaxation order for the year 2021-22
30-09-2021Guideline and Application form for Submitting App1ication to Higher secondary Exam section for various certificates
28-09-2021HSE Exam Related Forms And Procedures from Oct 2021
28-09-2021Special casual leave covid -19 new order
27-09-2021Onam advance repayment 2021
25-09-2021Covid-modified guidelines for restrictions
18-09-2021Chemman/Chemmar excluded from OEC category
15-09-2021Covid quarantine special casual leave order
13-09-2021Old pay revision to new pay revision Time limit fixed
20-09-2021No new additional HSS batch for the accademic year 2021-22
17-07-2021Govt Employees Medical reimbursement details- Govt orders-pfd file
06-07-20212021-22 Teachers Appointment related Order
02-06-2021HM-Principal Promotion 2:1 Govt Clarification
27-05-2021Aided Higher Secondary Selection Committee Govt Nominee List of pannel
12-05-2021Covid Duty for teachers/Govt Employees Order
05-05-2021Pay Revision Arrear-2019- Employees who do not have PF Account
03-05-202125% attendance New order
03-05-2021Excemption for blind and disabled employees-Govt Offices
03-05-2021Earned Leave,Terminal surrender-Related Circular
22-04-202150% attendance New order-Education Department, All orders regarding office functioning
20-04-2021DA Clarification for retired/PF closed employees(revised-Order)
31-03-2021Vacation salary for teachers-Clarification Order
20-03-2021DA Clarification for retired/PF closed employees
26-02-2021Principal Workload -8 period -Order
23-02-2021GPF Order for Part Time Employees
11-02-2021Daily Wages revised order
10-02-2021XI-Pay revision Order
09-02-2021Diesnon on 10-02-2021 Govt Order
08-02-2021Dearness Allowance Order
06-02-2021Nadar Christian -OBC Order
02-02-2021Covid-Functioning of Govt Offices-Work from Home clarification Order
28-01-2021"Bhakshya bhadra allowance for school students"
23-01-2021GPAIS Proposal Premium Date Extended
22-01-2021Staff fixation in Aided School for the year 2020-21
22-01-202110th,+2 Class New Guidelines for working
22-01-2021DA Arrear merging date extended order
13-01-2021Saturday Working order
13-01-2021Guideline to be followed by D.D.O when issuing the salary and liability certificate
13-01-2021PSC Exam Duty instruction for teachers
11-01-2021Spark Aided institution Guidline
10-12-2020Functioning of Govt offices with exemptions-Updated order dated 10-12-2020
14-10-2020Functioning of Govt offices with exemptions dated 14-10-2020
13-10-2020List of Panel for Aided HSS Selection committee-Govt Nominee List
22-09-2020Govt office 100% Attendance Govt Order
13-08-2020Appointment of Specialist Teacher for the year 2020-21
06-08-202010% Reservation for forward cast in Plus one Admission
06-08-2020Marginal Increase in Plus one Admission 2020
28-07-2020VHSE- NSQF Order
27-07-2020Staff Fixation related order 2020-21
27-07-2020Plus One Admission 2021 Prospectus- HSE
02-07-2020Govt office 50% Attendance Govt Order
30-06-2020HITC -SWA- Remuneration Orders for the year 2019-20
28-06-2019HITC -SWA- Remuneration Orders for the year 2018-19
30-06-2020KSFE-Covid 19-Laptop for Students-Govt Order
02-06-2020Spark Under Taking Order regarding excess Payment


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