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Govt Orders

Order    DateGovt Order
17-07-2021Govt Employees Medical reimbursement details- Govt orders-pfd file
06-07-20212021-22 Teachers Appointment related Order
02-06-2021HM-Principal Promotion 2:1 Govt Clarification
27-05-2021Aided Higher Secondary Selection Committee Govt Nominee List of pannel
12-05-2021Covid Duty for teachers/Govt Employees Order
05-05-2021Pay Revision Arrear-2019- Employees who do not have PF Account
03-05-202125% attendance New order
03-05-2021Excemption for blind and disabled employees-Govt Offices
03-05-2021Earned Leave,Terminal surrender-Related Circular
22-04-202150% attendance New order-Education Department, All orders regarding office functioning
20-04-2021DA Clarification for retired/PF closed employees(revised-Order)
31-03-2021Vacation salary for teachers-Clarification Order
20-03-2021DA Clarification for retired/PF closed employees
26-02-2021Principal Workload -8 period -Order
23-02-2021GPF Order for Part Time Employees
11-02-2021Daily Wages revised order
10-02-2021XI-Pay revision Order
09-02-2021Diesnon on 10-02-2021 Govt Order
08-02-2021Dearness Allowance Order
06-02-2021Nadar Christian -OBC Order
02-02-2021Covid-Functioning of Govt Offices-Work from Home clarification Order
28-01-2021"Bhakshya bhadra allowance for school students"
23-01-2021GPAIS Proposal Premium Date Extended
22-01-2021Staff fixation in Aided School for the year 2020-21
22-01-202110th,+2 Class New Guidelines for working
22-01-2021DA Arrear merging date extended order
13-01-2021Saturday Working order
13-01-2021Guideline to be followed by D.D.O when issuing the salary and liability certificate
13-01-2021PSC Exam Duty instruction for teachers
11-01-2021Spark Aided institution Guidline
10-12-2020Functioning of Govt offices with exemptions-Updated order dated 10-12-2020
14-10-2020Functioning of Govt offices with exemptions dated 14-10-2020
13-10-2020List of Panel for Aided HSS Selection committee-Govt Nominee List
22-09-2020Govt office 100% Attendance Govt Order
13-08-2020Appointment of Specialist Teacher for the year 2020-21
06-08-202010% Reservation for forward cast in Plus one Admission
06-08-2020Marginal Increase in Plus one Admission 2020
28-07-2020VHSE- NSQF Order
27-07-2020Staff Fixation related order 2020-21
27-07-2020Plus One Admission 2021 Prospectus- HSE
02-07-2020Govt office 50% Attendance Govt Order
30-06-2020HITC -SWA- Remuneration Orders for the year 2019-20
28-06-2019HITC -SWA- Remuneration Orders for the year 2018-19
30-06-2020KSFE-Covid 19-Laptop for Students-Govt Order
02-06-2020Spark Under Taking Order regarding excess Payment


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